.beauty in its time.

At this camp, there were multiple trails and one led to a hill with a giant cross.  I took that trail.  And then, something surreal happened to me.  Through the noise of my anger, God spoke to me, audibly.  Yes, like out loud.  And I’m not a crazy person.  


.minimalism & keeping a diary.

Well, journaling for me, started with chronicling my life with its rich memories, but recently its purpose has been to externally process.  I’ve found when I put my thoughts out in the open, I can see clearer and because of that, I’m a better person.  But when I’m done with a journal of external processing, I forget what I’ve learned in that journal.  So, why do I keep these notebooks?

.why I chose minimalism.

It was a late, a very late Friday night in my dorm room and I was scrolling Netflix for some late night amusement. Around that time, I had been interested in documentaries and I came across the documentary “Minimalism”. Now, I’d seen this documentary before and tried the minimalism lifestyle out and for some reason, it didn’t stick, I had accumulated more clothes and electronics and knick-knacks. But at that moment, I decided to watch it again. This time after watching the documentary straight through, it dawned on me. A lot of the truths that I didn’t see before, but desired to embody. I wanted to be less stressed, to have more time, and I wanted to have peace knowing that my stuff wasn’t forever.

My Wedding Day is One I’ll Always Remember, BUT

This is very different from what my hope is for this blog. More of an artsy photo blog, but I felt like it needed to be said for young brides-to-be. I honestly don't care if you skip all the pics and go to the end part where I've learned my lesson about weddings. Or if you look at all the pics. They're still pretty cool too.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Now, I've experienced a sunrise on a mountain before.  It's worth every frozen bone in your body; it's worth stumbling in the dark to find the perfect spot.  And when the sun's rays hit your face, you suddenly lose your breath and then are brought to life all over again.  You're moved to tears (though your face is so frozen, there is none to come), reminded how small you are, and then empowered all at once.  But, you see, I'm experiencing the panic of being at the base of that mountain, not wanting to miss when the sun peaks his head.